How to configure AppCode with only the Xcode command line tools

I'm a big fan of the minimal install and since a full blown Xcode install is some 1.7GB I found the latest Xcode, GCC, and Homebrew post interesting.

And since I got a new MBP today I decided to install the Xcode command line tools and AppCode (w/out an Xcode IDE for the first time)

When I launch AppCode (1.04) I get the following "warning"

Xcode not found in '/Developer'

If you have several versions of Xcode installed on your system, please          use 'xcode-select' utility to switch between them.
It is also          possible to pass '-Dxcode.base=<Xcode path>' as a program parameter in          'VMOptions' section of 'Contents/Info.plist' file.

You need to          restart AppCode if you make such a change.

And when I click "new project" i get the following

Xcode not found in '/Developer'

So my question is 2 part

1.) can I use AppCode w/ the cmd line tools only? (1 issue I'm curious about -does IB work w/out a full blow Xcode IDE?)   
2.) if yes -where should I point this XCode.base to when I only have the command line tools installed?

Thank you in advance

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Toran, currently Xcode command line tools are not supported. Please create a request.


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