Pycharm django support not seeing contrib/apps directories

I contribute to a project that is organized like this:

Project Root
django123     # (! note !)
django App Root

So to get it out of the way, yes the app comes with the version of django its tested against - this is a legacy decision, everyone knows it needs to get fixed, but the decision came from what the end users could be expected to go through to get the app installed; I've already been working on a fork that removes django from the project and puts it in the requirements.txt file - I'm only saying it upfront so no one feels they have to tell me that the django folder shouldn't be in the project folder.  

On the other hand I mention it in the event that it might be part of what is screwing something up with Pycharm... (but I don't have django installed in the virtual env I use with the project)

Problem description:

I've been trying with limited success to get Pycharm to recognize the django apps in Project Root/django App Root/contrib/ in the editor, the debugger, the 'run task' dialog, etc.

I've added the django folder and all the individual folders as source dirs, but among other things the {% compress %} gets flagged as an "unresolved tag", the commands from django_extensions don't show up when I 'run task', etc.

What else would I need to do to get those tags and commands to show up?
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This looks like a bug in PyCharm. Could you please file an issue at ?
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Hi Peter, are those apps listed in INSTALLED_APPS in

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