Code Analysis corruption

I have had this happen a couple times - so I thought I'd ask around.

Running 2.6.3 121-378 on MBP 10.7.4

I have a file (just one of hundreds) on which code-analysis is completely messed up. The little code-analysis 'eye' never goes away, and pretty much anything I write gets flagged as a mis-spelling, or a python language error (i.e. lots of red on the right margin).

I have 'invalidated caches' and restarted. Every time I restart - all the bad flags go away - but again the analysis 'eye' never goes away and as I start typing it starts flagging things.

Last time I solved this by creating a brand new project and starting over - so it seems that some cache or something has gotten corrupt.

Any ideas?

idea.log (969KB)
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Could you please attach the log file (Help | Reveal Logs)?
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This issue should be fixed already; the fix will be included in PyCharm 2.7. Please try the EAP build for 2.7 once it's available.

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