Is there any way to auto hide windows (project navigator etc)?


Just wondering if there's any setting that I can display a window when I hover over the icon, and have it auto hide when my mouse is no longer on it?

Or is there a key press for hiding windows?


Yes there is a shortcut-key for hiding all sidepanes.

Go into IDE-settings, and in the incremental searchbox (upper left corner)  for "Hide"


I would like the autohide feature like DevStudio, I don't want to have to press keys, slows me down :) Any chance that's on the way or available?


@Pbielek, could you give more details on what DevStudio is? (a link or smth)

And what specifically would you like to auto-hide (which particular tool windows, popups, etc)?



It’s been a while since I used Microsoft DevStudio but I do seem to remember the tool and output tab windows have an auto hide feature.
The windows I’m referring to in IntelliJ are the left side window with Project and other tabs and the bottom window with console, output and other tabs.
I can screenshot if the above is not clear.


You may try to disable 'Pinned mode' for those windows - then they would auto-hide when focus is switched to another window/tab.


Yes! That's what I was looking for.



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