ssh tunelling for Remote interpreter

I am trying to set up the Remote Interpreter function of Pycharm.

I need to first ssh an intermediary computer before I can ssh to the machine where my python interpreter is. A simple ssh tunnel, you see.

I've tried to set up a .login script in the intermediary machine, so whenever I log in on it, it will automatically ssh to the python machine.

In command line tests it works ok; it's like I can only see the python machine.

But when I configure my remote python interpreter in pycharm to connect to the intermediary machine, it wont connect to my python-machine, as if it ignored my .login script.

Is there a way to ssh tunnel in pycharm?
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Hi Calliban,
that kind of configuration is unsupported yet.
Please submit an issue to the issue tracker

If you want to make it work, please notice that Remote interpreters in PyCharm use SSH execution and SFTP.

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