Line by line debug of google app engine project

Hi there,

I have a finished app engine project. I used Pycharm to open the project and was able to run it locally in the IDE.

What I need to do is run my project in Pycharm (ie start the server locally) then I need to go to particular page and click a button on a form. I then want to see exactly what code is executed after clicking the button.

Is this possible with Pycharm, and if so, could someone give me some idea of how it can be done.

Thanks in anticipation,
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If you don't know which code is executed when the button is pressed, and if your application uses gthe webapp2 Web framework, you can put a breakpoint in WSGIApplication.__call__ method. The breakpoint will be hit on every request, and you'll be able to step through the code to see what happens next.

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