Remote interpreter configurations disappeared

I configured two remote interpreters on my Mac Air running OS X 10.7 lion then they both disappeared.

It takes about a half hour to setup an interpreter.

Is this expected behavior?
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Hi Gene,
Do you remember when did they disappear? The only situation I know when this can happen is if you configure an interpreter and then close the settings dialog by pressing Cancel. In this case all the settings changes, including the new interpreter you've configured, are abandoned.
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This was on my Mac Air over vpn. It's possible I trashed the first one but I was cautious about saving the second interpreter. When I could not find it I thought I might have put it under a different project by mistake but never did find either one.

In my iMac the remote interpreter I added appears in all projects and has persisted through a few pycharm restarts so I'll try again on my Air when more awake.

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