Preference to prevent AppCode from reformatting white space in un-edited lines?

Is there a way to tell AppCode not to clean up white space in a file I'm editing if I didn't edit those lines?  (I realize that the concept of "edit" may be murky given refactoring/auto generation/etc..., but i'm fairly certain some of the code was in no way edited or involved in editing.  Or perhaps someone can educate me on what actions will cause this.)

While AppCode is doing all the correct whitespace formatting that I like (removing space at the end of lines, removing  tabs on empty lines, etc..), I really don't want it to touch whitespace in code I'm not editing.  It makes diffs awful for people who turn on whitespace differences in their diffs.

I'd rather do a seperate checkin that just cleans all whitespace in a file, and only that, then mix in whitespace changes that are unrelated to the change I'm making.


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David, the option you are looking for is 'Editor->Strip trailing spaces on Save'.
Please try and see if it helps.


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