How to use / set Source Tree for project

  just installed appcode 1.0.  Use IntelliJ so this is a real treat....

Or was...  Opened my project in AppCode.  Interface ok for editing (VIM works great).

However, my project uses source tree paths.  In XCode these are found in Preferences / Locations / Source Trees (XC4.2)
There doesnt appear to be a way to set these in AppCode ?  Also on that XC Preferences pages is a Locations Tab where you can direct XCode to build code in a particular build directory.

How do I do both these in AppCode ?  I suppose a related point, is can AppCode use those defined in XCode (does it read XCode preferences ?)



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yes, currently AppCode fully relies on settings in Xcode, both for the output locations and source trees.
Please follow:


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