Viewing PyDoc with code completion + Viewing external documentation offline


Above is PyCharm and below is Eclipse with PyDev.

How do I show the PyDoc tooltip along with the autocomplete window like in Eclipse+PyDev? I've seen a few screenshots of PyCharm which show exactly this (eg.  but I cannot figure out how to make mine work this way. I tried IDE Settings>>Editor>>Code Completion>>Auto popup documentation in ms, set it to 0, but it seems to have no effect, I still have to press Ctrl-Q to view the PyDoc.

Also my second question is that is there a way to view python documentation (not the docstrings) within PyCharm itself when I'm offline? I'm coming from Java development in Eclipse, and I'm quite used to the built doc browser.
In PyCharm, the only way to view the actual documentation is in an external browser and only when I'm online.
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Use the shortcut of the "View | Quick Documentation" while browsing items of the completion list. For example, on Linux it is Ctrl-Q. Shortcuts can be customized via "File | Settings | Keymap".

Note that you can also view the quick definition of a completion list item.

Currently you cannot view the offline documentation in PyCharm. The workaround is to set up offline documentation manually and point to it using the external documentation settings. See also

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