Source control in appcode

I'm stumbling a bit with the integrated version control systems in appcode. I think appcode created a local Git repository for my app, which I've kinda been ignoring up until now. Now that I have committed the project into a subversion repository I'm getting confused.  Is the local Git repo usually used in conjunction with another repo? Or should I ignore/disable the Git stuff after committing to another repo - in this case svn. If so, how do you disable Git?

This is my first project done on a mac, usually I have a combo of VS/TortoiseSVN and no local repo, so please bear with me if this is a dumb question.



I'm working with subversion, too, without problems so far. Sometimes I switch to XCode and commit or update from there. So even if there is a local git repo, you can ignore it and just work with svn.


As far as I have been able to determine, AppCode does not automatically create a local Version Control repository for a new project.

This in contrast to Xcode 4, which does (offer to) create a local git repository when creating a new project.

What AppCode does have is a separate Local History of the files in your project. This is not a regular Version Control repository, and is not kept within your project directory. Instead the data is stored in ~/Library/Caches/appCode10/LocalHistory

Since that data is stored within ~/Library/Caches, some backup tools may elect to not back up that data since Caches are considered to be re-createable from other data.
With that in mind, perhaps JetBrains may wish to consider moving that datastore into the Application Support area instead in a future version.

If there is a local Git repo, you can feel free to ignore it.

To see/change what VCS is being used in your project go to Preferences->Version Control.

If you're not using Git anymore, you can also feel free to delete any .git directories within your project tree (usually at the root).


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