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Am playing around with AppCode (Beta) OC - 109.37.  I'm also a huge IntelliJ fan.

If I set the SDK to one of the simulators (for example, Simulator - IOS 4.3), I get four choices of 'architecture': standard, optimized, native, i386.  Could I get an explanation of the first three? The terms 'standard', 'optimized', and 'native' could be interpreted a lot of different ways.

I'm hoping that one of those options will force the IOS simulator to do a better job of emulating the real hardware.  There seems to be much discussion about the fact that the simulator does a poor job of emulating IOS based hardware, particularly in the areas of memory usage and graphics performance.


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Burns, these architectures are gathered from iOS SDK and actually quite the same (based on i386).
I agree, AppCode could gives some more details on them - here is the issue:


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