Documentation shows in console but not in the editor


When using the 'Quick Documentation' (CTRL+Q) feature in the editor, PyCharm says it can't find any documentation for functions under the caret from the Pandas library (ie. pandas.read_csv). However, if I open a python console with Tools -> Run Python Console and try the same thing, PyCharm is suddenly able to find documentation via CTRL+Q. Most other modules I use don't have this problem. Why am I able to see Pandas' documentation in the console but not in the editor?

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The documentation shortcut in the console has access to runtime information, and is therefore always able to access the __doc__ attribute of the function. The documentation shortcut in the editor has to rely on static analysis, which doesn't always work.

You can file an issue at and we'll investigate the problem.
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For me to.
One of the consequences of the failure of static analysis is that PyCharm do not autocomplete pandas when should by relying on static analysis.
Please fix! :)

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