AppCode showing many errors and warnings

I really like AppCode a lot more than XCode, but recently I can hardly work with it any more. Code inspection shows me 668 errors and 200 warnings in my project that compiles and runs just fine (Xcode shows just 3 warnings). This makes code inspection rather useless for me and AppCode persistently suggests fixes for code that is good.

The problem is that I can't reproduce any of these separately. If I copy a complete class + header file to a small demo project, the errors and warnings are not shown any more. These can be seen only in the context of my main project, which I can't send to Jetbrains because it's confidential.

I suspect that an error or a warning in one class can produce false warnings in other classes. I've had this problem for months but the last release of AppCode greatly aggravated it. One culprit might be the GH-Unit test I'm using (as reported in OC-1805) which is vital for my project.

So what can I do?

Kind regards,

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Alexander, please try the recent beta (3). Do your problems still exist?

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With this Beta, all errors are gone. There are some warnings left (I'll write about this in the tracker) but now AppCode works fine for me again.

The last days were quite hard for me ... developing with XCode is so much slower. But now I'm back to AppCode which codes a lot for me. ;-)

Thanks guys, you are great!


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