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Hi All,

I've been using TextExpander for quite a few years.  But I've noticed that it's been flaking out lately.  I think there is some snippet expansion in PyCharm but I'm not sure how to invoke it.  Also since I'm in PyCharm 90% of the time is there any recommendations for good well tested text expansion tools on the Mac.

So the questions.
1) Is there any snippet / expansion capability in Pycharm
2) How do I set a snippet up and invoke it
3) Are there any good OS Level snippet expanders out there which are regularly tested in PyCharm environment.  Dmitry - what are you using?  :D

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1) Sure
2) Check out Settings | Live Templates and http://tv.jetbrains.net/videocontent/high-speed-coding-with-custom-live-templates
3) I'm not using any OS level text expander, and we don't incorporate testing of OS level text expanders into PyCharm testing

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