Long build time of projects with three20 dependency

I love AppCode! It's like having resharper for xcode! it's an amazing productivity boost.

I use it all the time, but only as code editor.:(

I keep building and debugging with XCode, since the build times are significantly faster.

My project depends on three20 and unfortunately it has to be built with the project (http://three20.info/article/2010-10-06-Adding-Three20-To-Your-Project).

In Xcode the first build time is long but the preceding ones are really fast, however in AppCode, each build I notice it builds all over again the Three20 projects.

I want AppCode to be my only IDE for objective-c, but currently I have to use it along with Xcode.

Am I missing something? Does anyone has a better solution for using Three20 to reduce building times?


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Please first ensure, that you build for one architecture only, i386 or x64_86 or arm (Run->Edit Configurations->Architecture), not a universal architecture.
If everything seems fine, please create an issue so we don't forgen to fix it ASAP.

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Hey Anton, thank for the quick reply.

So, the configuration was set to standard I set it to i386 and I ran the following test:
1. Run->Debug
2. Wait for first build
2. Quit simulator
3. Don't change any code
4. Run->Debug
5. Wait for second build

The time took the second build was:
1. AppCode - 28.5 secs
2. Xcode - 6 secs

I'll open an issue then.

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if it is possible, please attach a sample project.


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