PyCharm with github private repositories

I'm a PyCharm newbie. I've established my github credentials and have no problems with public repositories. I have problems with my private repos.

When I try to checkout from Github

Git repository URL

(Obviously, I put the real URL)

I get: Repository test failed

What do I need to do?

Thank you.
You need to do exactly the same thing as for working with Git on the command line: configure your SSH key.
Thank you for your reply. What if I don't use ssh (as recommended per article that you refer to)?
Could you please describe step-by-step what do you perform before you get "Repository test failed"?
Hi, I know this is an old post but I have this problem and there's little-to-no info on the web about it. I just installed pycharm and clicked "Checkout from Version Control" from the welcome screen, picked Git, entered "" for URL (and entering local folder details makes no difference). When I click the test button, I get "Repository test has failed"

Please assist if you can.

Thanks and regards,
Hi Siphiwe,

Does it work if you press "Clone" instead of "Test"? (I.e. click "Checkout from Version Control", pick "Git", enter the URL and click "Clone" instead of "Test).

Also please specify your PyCharm version.
Thanks for your response Kirill. As a matter of fact, pycharm needed git to be installed first. I had assumed that it's built-in. That was my problem. Hope this helps someone some day. The error message isn't helpful.

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