PyCharm Reports Behave Decorators as Unresolved References

I used the Python package behave to perform functional testing of my Python project.

When I open the directory containing my file, PyCharm reports "unresolved reference 'given'" (or 'then' or 'when') for all the decorators of my steps.

How do I configure PyCharm to resolve these references?

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The behave module uses Python features to evaluate its attributes like given. The code inspections cannot analyze them statically, special handling is required.

Please vote for PY-8427 if you are interested in behave support, incl. running feature files as tests. Note that there is another feature request about the Lettuce BDD tool PY-4186.
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I have voted for PY-8427; however, I also found a work around by conditionally importing the given, when and then definitions in my file. In addition, although I've not yet tried it, my installation of Python (I have several side-by-side on my machine) does NOT have the behave package. I think I might be able to work around the issue by running in a different Python environment.

Thanks for your help.

Have a great day!

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