Pycharm 2.7 "Native file watcher executable is outdated"

Hi, after updated to Pycharm 2.7 show always a warning that say:

"External file changes sync may be slow
Native file watcher executable is outdated"


what does exactly mean this warning? have I compatibility problem with my system?

my system is:
ArchLinux, kernel 3.7.6, kde 4.10

That means pycharm/bin/fsnotifier* files do not have length PyCharm expects them to have.

How did you do the update?
Hi Roman,

this is the AUR package:
and this is the pkgbuild file:

Can you check if there is a problem?
Not sure how it handles update. If I got it right, new version is just written over existing. Then yes, it may cause problem.
the binaries fsnotifier and fsnotifier64 are of new pycharm version 2.7, I have uninstalled the old version and make clean installed of new version.

$ pacman -Ql pycharm |grep fsnotifier     
pycharm /opt/pycharm/bin/fsnotifier
pycharm /opt/pycharm/bin/fsnotifier64

$ pacman -Qi pycharm |grep Versión        
Versión           : 2.7-1

$ ls -l /opt/pycharm/bin/fsnotifier*      
  • rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 18044 feb  8 10:24 /opt/pycharm/bin/fsnotifier
  • rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 23040 feb  8 10:24 /opt/pycharm/bin/fsnotifier64
add attach (log):
idea.log (6.2KB)

I tested Pycharm and works normally, maybe this is a little bug...
Hi, I'm too seeing the same warning in PyCharm 2.7.
My system have the same specs than Xavier's: Arch x86_64, KDE SC 4.10, Kernel 3.7.6-1-ARCH with Oracle's Java JDK 7.13 installed:

j:0 /opt/pycharm/bin $ ./
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode)
[   2443]   WARN - api.vfs.impl.local.FileWatcher - Native file watcher executable is outdated

Please let me know if you need further logs.
  • Martin
The reason for this to happen is because MAKEPKG by default strips all binaries from debug symbols, this includes the version symbol that PyCharm uses to identify any potential updates.

Long story short:
1. Download PKGBUILD manually (
2. Add options=(!strip) to the PKGBUILD anywhere before the build() function
3. Rebuild and install
fixed!, thanks a lot Pontus, the package in AUR is already updated.
I added to the PKGBUILD in AUR options=(!strip).
Sergey, could you please also notify maintainers of phpstorm and IDEA packages?
Roman, I wrote a post in the comments on the pages of these packages in AUR.

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