Can subdirectories of one PyCharm project be opened is separate windows without making new projects?

I  had to consolidate all my projects into one so PyCharm would respect the import structure. But managing all the subprojects in one editor leads to many dozens of file tabs.

Is there a better way?

You can reduce the appearance and the number of open tabs in File|Settings|Editor|Editor Tabs. For example, you can enable Show tabs in single row, and reduce the Tab limit. Note that there are several settings for Tab Closing Policy.

I need to have multiple files open from four or more subdirectories. In addition to many tabs the expanded list of project directories is very long due to showing the contents of each subdirectory being worked on.

The root of my problem is the discrepancy between PyCharm and Python path handling that is still apparent in 2.7. Imports flagged red in Editor run fine in PyCharm Python console and imports not flagged in editor throw exceptions in Python console. Is there any way to resolve this discrepancy?

I thought I could open the same project in multiple windows but PyCharm hung and when restarted all windows showed the same file and structure picks so that does't work.
Gee I finally figured how to work this. I open the subprojects as projects and replace the content root with the parent directory.

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