No output when using remote interpreter

I've connected to a remote interpreter which is running Linux (I'm on windows, PyCharm 2.7).
I've also set-up automatic deployment and everything seems to work fine on that end.

However, when I run code (e.g. print "hello world!"), I see nothing appearing on Pycharm's output pane besides the following lines:

ssh://my_user@my_system:22/usr/bin/python -u /home/my_user/

Process finished with exit code 0

Is there a reason "Hello World!" isn't printed?
It seems everything else is working fine - am I missing some configuration?

Thanks for your help.
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help...JetBrains guys? could this be a bug?
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Hi Alori, that could be a bug. We've not encountered that before, so it needs to be investigated. Could you please create an issue in our tracker
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Thanks Dmitry, I'll do that right away :-)


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