Psyco/PyPy support for pydev debugger in Python 2.7?

I'm using PyCharm 2.7.

I've recently migrated a GoogleAppEngine app from Python 2.5 to Python 2.7.

When debugging this app on localhost under 2.5, I would get the following message before I installed psyco:

pydev debugger: warning: psyco not available for speedups (the debugger will still work correctly, but a bit slower)

After I installed psyco, I noticed a significant speedup in the debugger.

After moving to Python2.7, however, I don't have the option to use psyco anymore and the debugger is back to being slow. The psyco project is long discontinued and the developer has moved to the PyPy team.

Is there a way to use psyco/pypy with the debugger and Python 2.7?

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