changed files tab


i cant find the corresponding option in either the settings dialog or google nor this forum .. soooo .. where can i change the asterisk showing that files have changed?


In the default theme all is fine, but in the dracula theme the asterisk is colored with a dark blue which is very hard to see. (see the image)
And since i like to be in control of saving my files, i need this lil fella to be visible. ;)

The autosave feature of PyCharm is nice but autosaving source code thats not quite done also breaks the server which reload unfinished code if it is saved.

Can anyone please point out how to change the color to the grey of the tabs font?

cheers and thanks!
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The color is not configurable, but we'll include a proper icon for the dark background in 2.7.1.
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thx in advance! im looking forward to it!

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