Bad memory and zombies

I have a bad memory exception.  In XCode I would have enabled some sort of zombies option... how do I do it in XCode?  I think I am accessing something that was released.


NSZombieEnabled is what I had to do in xCode


Is this supported in Appcode?


I am looking for the same thing.
You would set these Environment variables in Run/Debug Configuration.

It doesn;t seem to work though, as if the environment variables are not being set.

I have set
NSDebugEnabled = YES
NSZombieEnabled = YES

and I am expecting the Console to output:
*** -[MyClass someMethod]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x10a21b00

But I only get:
Signal received: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (Could not access memory)

It appears to be supported but doesn't seem to work.

Looks like there is an open ticket about that at:


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