sudden crash

I upgraded to 2.7 recently. I never (almost) shut down my machine, having so much cheap ram around i never run out of it and run 10-30 apps on my desktop all the time. One of them is constantly open Pycharm. I use Win 8 Pro and Kaspesrsky Pure 2.0. The situation written below did not ever happen before upgrading to 2.7

Since updating to 2.7 pycharm randomly once in a while just shuts itself down. I can happen sometimes every two days, sometimes once a day. I cannot find any error log to post. The most scary thing is that when pycharm goes down, it takes down few other apps. Once it took down Thunderbird, Miranda-IM and few tray icons i don't remember. Today few minutes ago it was all windows of Excel, some background uploading program for my work that sits in tray and synchronize folders, and Steam (you can't work 24h a day ;). There is nothing in .PyCharm20\system\log\idea.log (it's modified date is 2 day old). Not a single event in windows event viewer that could be even remotely connected to pycharm or any other program that shuts down. One suspicious entry in kaspesky log (but pointing to python.exe not java or pycharm). The machine works flawlessly after the pycharm crash, although the programs shout down along pycharm did not exit clean. For example Excel allows me to recover documents i had open etc.

I am clueless. It started day after upgrading to pycharm 2.7. And i did not install or change anything in the software or hardware from that time.


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