Can Appcode switch between header and implementation?


All major IDE's (Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Qt Creator etc) offers a "switch between header and implementation functionality". On use, IDE will open a file inside a project that has a same name as currently viewed but complimentary extension. For example, if i'm editing "wnd_main.m", editor will open "wnd_main.h", if any. And if i'm editing "wnd_main.h" editor will open "wnd_main.m" (.mm/.c/.cpp whatever found). Compared to "go to declaration" in AppCode this allows to jump header / source file without selecting any methods first.

Does appcode have this functionality in some form? I have searched hotkeys and menu items but didn't find anything that resembles it :(


It is the same as in XCode 4: CTRL + CMD + ARROW_UP


And what is the command name to access it from menu and keyboard settings? Ctrl-Cmd-Up is not a widely used shortcut :), F4 is much more common.


Code -> Related File

I never heard about F4, but this time I would probably blame Apple for their decision in XCode :^O


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