Unable to create remote interpreter, freezes pycharm

When I try and create the remote interpreter it asks several times to confirm the RSA key in the foreground and then another prompt to confirm the key pops up underneath the progress bar modal. Since it is underneath OS X does nto let me respond to the prompt(it beeps). I end up having to force quit.
Ok, was able to fix it. It seemed to revolve around the fact that the first time I connected to this server via ssh was with pycharm. I deleted the know_hosts file and connected via the terminal. Only then was I able to finish creating a remote interpreter.
Hi Francis, what version of PyCharm are you using?
I have this problem too.  I am using PyCharm 2.7.1.  PyCharm asks me to verify the RSA key 3 to 5 times, even though I am already logged in with SSH and the server is in my known_hosts.  It's just a local Ubuntu 12.04 VM.

Also on the remote, it seems like if there is a problem reading a cache, it will crash the entire application.

Often, when I kill and restart PyCharm, the task will have actually completed and then the operation (remote debugging or test running) will run fine.  It just stinks to have to kill the app a few times while configuring it.

I've never got it to successfully show the remote interpreters skeletons.

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