Running tests from virtualenv on remote VM

Let me describe my configuration:

1) I am using PyCharm 2.7.1 on my Windows 7.  I like to develop on Windows but its hard to simulate running the code due to all the dependencies.

2) VirtualBox guest with Ubuntu 12.04 to work as development server, call it DevMachine.

3) On DevMachine I have several VirtualEnv setup, with all the pacakges I need to run the tests on the linux hosts or runserver the project.

4) I configured remote intepreter in PyCharm to use virtual machine ~/.virtualenvs/{env}/bin/python

Since it is seems incredibly difficult to get an equivalent VirutalEnv setup on the windows side with all the packages building how I need, I am really hoping that I can run the tests by connecting to the linux virtual machine which is all setup.  This would really open up the PyCharm IDE for me.

I try to run the tests but it can't find any of the packages such as Django, which are in the lib/site-packages part of the VirtualEnv layout.  I do not see where in PyCharm I can specify to pick-up these dependencies.  It certainly doesn't seem to resolve them by default.

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