Cannot get IdeaVim to recognize vi commands


I am new to PyCharm but I am a former intensive vi user.
I installed the IdeaVim plugin as suggested in order to ease the pain.
Unfortunately, I am having a hard time getting it to work, it seems that most of the basic vi commands are not recognized by IdeaVim.  For example:
  • Esc does exit Insert mode,
  • i does not enter into insert mode,
  • : does not appear at the bottom line,
  • o does not enter into insert mode,
  • ... and so on.

Is there anything to setup before being able to use standard vi commands?  Maybe I missed something in the installation, though it looks like Tools>Vim Emulator is ON ...

Thank you for your help,
Best regards,
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Are you sure that you have selected the "Vim" keymap? Use Tools|Reconfigure VIM keymap to set up your keymap layout based on the layout of your choice.

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