AppCode 108.293 messes with project file


This new version of AppCode touches my Xcode project file. It adds lots of text bookmarks and other stuff, including some extra info for files. That's pretty uncool, because I'm a bit worried about using non-release quality apps that modify my important project files.

But what's worse, Xcode can't save it's changes to the project file after it has been changed. With this I mean that when I went back to Xcode after using AppCode, Xcode said that the project file has changed and asked me if I wanted to keep the file it had or take the changes from disk. I didn't want any changes, and I told Xcode to keep its file. But, Xcode couldn't save its version of the project file. I had to delete the project.pbxproj file before Xcode could save the project file.

Anyone else seen this?

Messing with my project file makes AppCode unusable for me, because I can't have any unknown changes happening to my important projects. Thanks for all the other fixes, I read the list and it was impressive! Hopefully this issue can be resolved quickly and a new build could be available soon.


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