New... > Class is messed up

File > New... > Class > "MyClass"

Gives me a .m and .h with the body of:

package ${PACKAGE_NAME};
public objective-c header file MyClass { }

As a short term fix, I created a template for m and h files and create them manually. Interestingly my m template was recognized and used when using New... > Class but not h. Is this a known issue? Work around besides what I've already done?


Two workarounds that worked for me, hopefully this helps someone.

Quit AppCode and delete Macintosh HD:Users:user:Library:Preferences:appCode10:fileTemplates

Or make your own templates and name/place them as follows

Macintosh HD:Users:user:Library:Preferences:appCode10:fileTemplates:internal:Objective-C Class File.m
Macintosh HD:Users:user:Library:Preferences:appCode10:fileTemplates:internal:Objective-C Header File.h


I already reported this as a bug. Hopefully will get fixed soon.


As did I.

You can get around it by removing the /internal directory from the fileTemplates. You'll end up with customised templates without the dramas.


The issue is fixed ad will be available in next EAP.


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