Bookmark feature misbehaves!

You seem to have done a bit of rework on the Bookmark feature in AppCode 108.197.

However, it misbehaves in a number of ways.

  1. Sometimes when a bookmark is added, the bookmark is places before the filename in the project view, and the filename is written in the Courier font. But the file extension is chopped of (see bookmark 2 of attached screenshot).
  2. The bookmark+courier formatting of filenames is only applied occasionally - in my screenshot, eg. MenuOrderViewController+TableMethods.m holds bookmark 3, but this isn't reflected in the project view.
  3. When I remove a bookmark from the Command+F3 dialog (as the case is with bookmark 6 in my screenshot), the bookmark is removed from the bookmark list, but it appears to still be present in the sourcecode (bookmark 6 is shown just above the bookmarks list).
  4. The bookmark 6 eventually disappeared from the sourcecode listing view as well, after I had clicked to edit the file. However, not only did bookmark 6 disappear, also the other bookmarks (1-3) disappeared from the sourcecode listings. The bookmarks 1-3 were still active though, but the litte bookmark marker was not shown next to the sourcecode.


Christian K. Ibsen

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Thank you for the problem description. Created the ussue - OC-859. Please log the following issues to the tracker.


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