Missing local interpreters

Hi, I have this fairly random issue on my PyCharm setup: I've set up a list of local interpreters in the default settings; upon creating a new project, not all interpreters in default settings are available in project; I can create a new interpreter on the same virtualenv and runs fine, but I end having multiple interpreters for the same virtualenv (each for every project), instead of a shared one.
I tried rebuilding cache, checking logs and such with no success
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When you create a virtualenv, it is by default associated with the project for which you're creating it. If you want to use the same virtualenv for all projects, you need to check "Make available for all projects" checkbox. To see all virtualenvs (and have the possibility to remove the project association for some of them), open Settings | Python Interpreters and press the "Show virtual environments associated with other projects" button.

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