Vagrant, Pycharm and Django - setup for newbies


I've lost a great deal of time for the last 4 days trying to get the thing to work.
So i'm asking can anybody please point me to a solid tutorial about pycharm/vagrant/django setup. The quick tutorials tackle the issues separately, and i'm not interested in running a simple script through an SSH, i want a full django environment, with latest python and django distribution on a vagrant VM.
U'm also really frustrated with the lack of information when i press the run button. Nothing seems to happen, no output whatsoever.
For the last 4 days i made my own vagrant file, i customized the chef cookbook, I played with every possible combination of debug settings, i created a virtualenv on vm, I press the run button and absolutely nothing happens.

I can put some screenshots here if you want, but it would be really great if there was a nice step by step tutorial of setting up all of this.
And i'm a huge fan of your work as a company, love Resharper and Pycharm looks really cool.



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