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I just found PyCharm and as soon as I read about the remote execution ability I immediately downloaded it.  

I've managed to configure a remote interpreter but I'm having issues with both the 'Run Python Console' and the 'Run Django Console'.  Both of them are including my local paths in the sys.path, rather than the remote paths.  As such I cannot run code remotely.  And when I configure Django support it only lets me select the project root from the local filesystem.  Is this a bug or am I missing some important configuration step?  I've gone through all the documentation I can find and none of it is providing the answer.

Thanks for your help.

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Same here. This is still a problem on PyCharm 2.7.2.
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This still isn't fully working.

I reported a related problem to Serge Baranov and he forwarded it to the developers, but I don't have an issue tracker number.

"...[we created] a Run configuration, but we could not create a Django Server configuration because Django Support was not set up.  But when going to set up Django support, the file browser only opens on the local file system - there's no way to specify that Django is installed remotely using the given remote interpreter.  However, running the console on the remote interpreter works perfectly."
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I've created a ticket for this:

The remaining problem is that "Django support" in the Project Settings cannot accept a remote filesystem as a "Django project root."  There are screenshots attached to the ticket.

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