Navigating implementation hierarchy (using Type Hierarchy)?


Is it possible to use the Type Hierarchy tool window to navigate implementations? Currently it uses the header file information if I have both Hierarchy and Structure windows open. I'd like to navigate the class hierarchy of my class and see which methods are overridden in each class. Now I have to click on a class in the Hierarchy window, then use the "Go TO > Related File" command to see the implementation and have the Structure window to show the actual methods implemented in the class, instead of the methods declared in the header for the class.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to use tools to give me a better understanding of my class hierarchy, which class overrides or implements which method, how subclasses override parent class behaviors etc. Subclassing can be really fragile, so I want all the automatic help I can get.

Thanks again for AppCode, and I hope you don't mind my endless stream of questions and suggestions! :)


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