No option to run unit tests in the context menu

│   ├───scripts
│   │   └───__pycache__
│   ├───static
│   ├───templates
│   └───__pycache__

I have the structure like above, where there's file in 'tutorial' folder. When I right click 'tutorial' node in project view I get 'Run' option with two suboptions; 'Doctests in...' and 'Unittests in...'. However when I right click on '11' folder I don't have 'Run' option anymore and instead there's only 'Run Doctests in...' option. Why can't I run unit tests from '11' folder? What's the logic used for showing different run options in the context menu?
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Hi Piotr,

I've created an issue in our tracker -
Please, feel free to vote it and get notified once it is fixed.
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Thank you.
I voted and starred the issue you created.

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