Project Properties Not Present

I'm new to PyCharm but not new to IDEA IDE. I've got a very legacy code base that contains python source files in different directories. I import a new project from the existing source and PyCharm shows me the folder and file tree as expected. However, I don't see a Project Setting icon at the top and selecting File in the menu bar, also reveals no menu item for Project Properties.

Am I missing something here? I expected to be able to create my project from the existing source, go into Project Properties and set up the many different modules that I need that point to the many different sources for the many different python files in the legacy code base.

PyCharm version is 2.7.2, build py-129.314

Thanks in advance for any help or advice that I can get.
PyCharm does not have a separate project properties dialog and does not support multi-module projects in the same way as IntelliJ IDEA does. You can configure the content roots and source roots for your project under Settings | Directories.
Oops. Sorry for the newbie post then.

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