How do I activate the HTML/CSS editor in Pycharm?

Ok, this is a really really dumb question:
How do I activate the HTML/CSS editor in Pycharm?

The documentation at describes wonderful HTML editing capabilities which I just don't see in my projects.

For example I create a file "xxx.html" with:

  <script>function foo() {}</script>

And get no hints.  Pressing CTRL-Q brings up the unhelpful 'No documentation found.' message.  Right clicking on the xxx.html gives no hint what type file pycharm thinks it is dealing with.  Nothing inside the <script> block says that pycharm is detecting javascript as opposed to html...  how can I track this down?
For me, if I just open up an HTML file, it works. If you start to type a JavaScript function in the script tag, doesn't it show a completion? ctrl+space manually brings up the completion if it isn't triggered.
Another thing you may need to check is that the .html/.css/.js extensions are assigned to the correct file types in Settings | File Types.

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