Perforce integration has suddenly stopped working

My Perforce integration was set up and working great. Suddenly, today, I notice that it is no longer working. I am permanently stuck in offline mode. I've tried restarting my computer, with no luck. I have gone in to the settings for Perforce in PyCharm and everything looks correct. I clicked the "Test Connection" button and it is succeeding, but I am still unable to use any Perforce commands through the GUI.

What else can I try in order to fix this?
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Just figured it out. I have multiple projects set up in my current window. I added one a while ago that was not located under the checked out directory and not under version control. Seems having this project added was leading to Perforce not working at all. Since I had the option for "Switch to offline mode automatically if Perforce is unavailable" enabled, it was automatically going to offline mode and not giving any feedback as to why it was having connection issues and when using the test connection button in the preferences, it was working successfully. As soon as I disabled this "automatic offline" option I got some feedback that lead to solving the problem.

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