can't browse/evaluate dict with unicode keys

  1. -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

testData = {
    u'ropa para niños' : 99,
    u'ropa niños' : 66,
    u'algodón' : 23,
    u'eslabón de lujo' : 49,
u'carlos arguiñano' : 120,

for key, val in testData.iteritems():
    print key, val #break here or ..
print '*********'
print testData[u'ropa para niños'] #break here

This simple test runs perfectly on Python 2.6.6 (r266:84297) with PyCharm 2.7.2   Build #PY-129.314 , but you cannot look into the dict if you add a break and eval the dict, or add it to the watch list -

I just found this issue here :  
but it is marked as status:Fixed
Help :(


edit: found it again  another user reported it. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
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Thank you for assigning it Yulia Zozulya :)
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Fixed in pycharm 3.01 that was released today! :)

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