How to change margin width?

Perhaps this is stupendously obvious, but how do I change the default margin width from 120 to a pep-8 compliant 79?  I'm using PyCharm 2.7.2.  I've seen plenty of settings options to disable or change the behavior of the margins, but none to change the width.

I expected it would be under one of the following, but no dice:
Settings:Code Style
Settings:Code Style:Python:...

..where does this (surely obvious) configuration option live?
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Settings | Code Style | General | Right margin (columns)

(The main reason why we don't set the right margin to 79 by default is that we don't currently have the possibility to specify different margins for different file types.)
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Ah, yes.  Fairly obvious, but overlooked.  My brain processed Settings:Code Style
as the "general" options, and I overlooked settings:Code Style:General as another language option which I wasn't coding in.

Thanks for the response, and for the excellent product.  :-)

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