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How do I get rid of the stupid lightbulb that appears after a couple of seconds on every single line I go to?

If I hover over it, it says press click or alt-enter.  If I press it, it has one line that says "documentation string stub".

I hate this thing, how do I get rid of it with extreme prejudice?

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You could always use documentation strings in your code..  :-D  ..but really..

The inspection/lightbulb icon is fine with me – never or rarely in the way, just there, and it makes quite a few best-practices very easy.  Quite frankly, I wish more people used tools like this – or pylint.  You might want to consider customizing which inspections are enabled before you turn it off altogether.
..anyways, to change it:
For a particular annoying inspection:
alt-enter:<highlight the inspection item you wish to affect>:<right arrow>'ll be presented with a list of options to affect either that or all inspections, as well as an option to display the inspection settings screen.

The inspection settings screen can also be accessed via:
..where you can check or uncheck as many options as you like (or the whole language).

You'll probably come to like the code inspection once you disable a few of them to fit a more relaxed coding style.  For example:  Not everyone wants to document every method's parameters and return value in a way which is easily readable by docstring-to-documentation converters like Sphynx.  I find it to be very useful, and have most of them enabled, but cherrypicking the list of enabled inspections makes it very easy to keep to decent standards without too much intrusion.
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Now, on the other hand, if you're looking at keeping the capability to hit alt-enter (or similar) to view an inspection item, but to not have the lightbulb icon itself.. ..I don't know. ..and I could go for a feature like disabling that – the error highlighting is enough to warn me there's some suggestion for change waiting.
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There is no way to get rid of the lightbulb entirely. You can customize the list of intention actions that cause the lightbulb to be shown, so that it will be displayed only when it's actually useful for you. This configuration is available under Settings | Intentions (and the intention you've mentioned is Python | Insert documentation string stub).
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Great, thank you both.  The 'intentions' was what fixed it. I don't mind the bulb in some cases, I just don't want it showing up constantly just because I type a few characters (which it was doing).  I can insert documentation manually.

BTW, I'm having difficulty with this site in Chrome and am having to use Firefox to post this.

Thanks again!

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