Unit Testing


Next question.  I'm trying to run my test target and have created a new OCUnit run configuration.  When I run, I get the following error:

/Developer/Tools/otest -SenTest All /Users/acf/work/cocoa/MacBirdsong/build/Debug/MacBirdsongTests.octest
Testing started at 21:30 ...
objc[12367]: GC: forcing GC OFF because OBJC_DISABLE_GC is set
2011-04-05 21:30:20.832 otest[12367:903] The test bundle at /Users/acf/work/cocoa/MacBirdsong/build/Debug/MacBirdsongTests.octest could not be loaded because an unanticipated error occurred: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3587 UserInfo=0x10280abc0 "The bundle “MacBirdsongTests.octest” couldn’t be loaded because it is damaged or missing necessary resources." (dlopen_preflight(/Users/acf/work/cocoa/MacBirdsong/build/Debug/MacBirdsongTests.octest/Contents/MacOS/MacBirdsongTests): no suitable image found.  Did find:
 /Users/acf/work/cocoa/MacBirdsong/build/Debug/MacBirdsongTests.octest/Contents/MacOS/MacBirdsongTests: GC capability mismatch)
2011-04-05 21:30:20.839 otest[12368:203] *** NSTask: Task create for path '/Users/acf/work/cocoa/MacBirdsong/build/Debug/MacBirdsongTests.octest/Contents/MacOS/MacBirdsongTests' failed: 22, "Invalid argument".  Terminating temporary process.

Process finished with exit code 5

This test target runs ok in Xcode.

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