Plugin for IDEA?

Will appCode eventually be released as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA?


We don't have such plans for the moment.


How about doing the reverse as a possibility: Allow a plugin to pull in the (community edition) Java features of IDEA ?

Every couple of weeks there are people on the Mac-Java mailing list asking for help getting XCode to do Java development.
Apparently quite a few people would like a single IDE to do both Mac and Java development in.

In addition, with tools like rococoa there are people working on mixed Cocoa/Java projects. If appCode were to support that, that could be a very interesting tool for people interested in building Mac apps with Java insides.


The technical issue having an appCode as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA is they don't share a bit on project configuration. appCode is totally based on XCode project format.


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