How will Xcode 4 impact appCode

I've not installed Xcode4 yet -- if I did would appCode cease to function?


I do have XCode 4 installed and appCode is working fine.


Can you actually *do* anything with appCode, if you don't have Xcode installed? I mean, you need the iOS SDK to make apps, right - and you get that by downloading and installing Xcode (the iOS version)...

But yeah, they work fine together - doubleclicking .plist and .xib files actually opens them in Xcode...

The way I see it appCode is more like a supplement to Xcode at the moment - or a replacement to the part of Xcode where you write your code. I don't think you can do much without installing Xcode simply because that's the only way to get the iOS SDK.

Isn't this also the case for tools like Titanium? As I understand it, Titanium uses Xcode command line tools to build stuff.


Yes, you are right. XCode/iOS SDK is pre-requisite to do anything with appCode.

I assumed the question to be is there any incompatibilities between XCode 4 and appCode.


Yes you assumption is correct. I was not expecting JetBrains to build something like an iPhone simulator. But since appCode launches InterfaceBuilder and I know that InterfaceBuilder is integrated in to the Xcode 4 UI I was curious as to the impact on appCode.


I just tried adding a simple feature using appCode to my still work-in-progress iPhone app. Double clicking the XIB, opens the corresponding project with the XIB open.



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