Synthesized ivars in appCode


Longtime *lover* of IDEA and delighted to think I might soon have that kind of power for Cocoa development.

I just downaloded and installed the EAP of appCode and opened an exisiting Xcode4 project.  My main goal was to see what support you had for running my unit tests, but I sadly couldn't get past the complie stage due to errors about properties missing ivars.

The runtime for iPhone4 and 64-bit MacOS both support synthesized ivars, so that the ivar need not be explicitly declared.  ( ) and this is how I've been coding for a while.

Is there some switch I'm missing to enable this (like the Java language version in IDEA) or is it just not yet implemented?

Keep up the good work, guys! Many IDEA users like me who know what a powerful IDE really looks like are desperate to have something better for Cocoa.




Please check selected run configuration (in the top-right corner) for the architecture, and select the pne that supoprts synthesized ivars.
You can also check what causes the problem in the error hint if you hover mouse over the error-highlighted synthesized ivar.


Excellent, thanks. I had 32/64 bit set. Changed to 64-bit and all is well.


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