Tabs closing proposal

When i opening new tab i can't easily determine which of the existing will be closed.

Possible solutions:
1. Mark tab, which tab will be closed when you open a new tab with color or icon
2. Push all tags that exceeds policy amount to the end of the tab bar and fade them out after a while if tab is not reopened

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The idea behind PyCharm's handling of tabs is that you don't have to worry at all about which files are open in your tabs, much less about which tabs are going to be closed. We try to be smart about presenting the most relevant tabs to you, and we provide many navigation features (Goto File, Recent Files etc.) which let you quickly bring back a tab that was closed. Because of that, we don't have any plans to make the tab closing logic more visible or explicit.

Of course, you can tune the auto-closing logic or turn it off altogether if it doesn't suit your workflow.

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