Refresh code analysis (old errors still present)


I'm very happy with PyCharm, but the code analysis isn't always doing its job. When I mistype a word, function name etc, and then correct it, the red/yellow underlines still show. Also, if I hover over the underlined words, the old error message still displays.

Here's an example:

As you can see, the error message says "Humam", although I corrected it to "Human". Is it possible to refresh the code analysis, so that PyCharm picks up that these errors have indeed been solved?

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Could you please attach the log file (Help | Reveal Logs)?
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Hi Dmitry.

I mentioned this on the #idea-users irc channel, and [Serge] told me to invalidate the cache. It seems to have worked. I'll add the two last log files, as I don't know if the first one only contains data from after the cache invalidation.

Let me know if you need more log files.

idea.log (845KB)
idea.log.1 (1MB)

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