PyCapsule_Import could not import module "sip"

Hello -

Apologies in advance for what is almost certainly a newbie question.

I'm trying to execute a test of Orange on my machine, and I'm getting this error.

C:\Python27\python.exe E:/SASProjects/MeyerMonarchiNagy_x64/Workspaces/EMWS10/Python10/

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:/SASProjects/MeyerMonarchiNagy_x64/Workspaces/EMWS10/Python10/", line 20, in <module>
    from PyQt4.QtGui import QFont, QColor

ImportError: PyCapsule_Import could not import module "sip"

I believe I've failed to properly install the module, but am not certain what I'm doing wrong.  I've been to the Riverbank site and downloaded what I believe is the correct version for my machine – Windows 7 Pro 64x.  I'm using Python 2.7.4 32-bit.  (I need 32 bit for compatibility with other products.)

In looking at the documentation on SIP, it seems that it should be installed with PyQt.  Is there something else that I should do?

Again, apologies for the basic nature of the question.


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